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Welcome to Equitable Asset Management


At Equitable Asset Management, we specialize in providing professional and comprehensive receivership services and receivership support services designed to manage, preserve, and protect assets in challenging legal and financial situations.

Equitable Asset Management


Receivers play a crucial role in Texas courts by managing and preserving property that is the subject of litigation, ensuring that the best interests of all parties involved are upheld. Our firm leverages its expertise to support receivers in their mission, striving for the optimal resolution of each case.

Asset Preservation

The importance of hiring experts in distressed assets and real estate, such as those at Equitable Asset Management, cannot be overstated. Whether the task at hand involves operating or liquidating these assets, their specialized knowledge and experience ensure that value is preserved and maximized, even in the most challenging circumstances.

Interim Management

Equitable Asset Management provides crucial interim management, preserving the status quo and enhancing efficiency, thereby ensuring distressed assets retain their value during periods of transition.

About Equitable Asset Management

Equitable Asset Management, LLC, is a trusted firm specializing in court-appointed receiverships. Our seasoned professionals bring an unparalleled level of expertise in handling distressed assets, overseeing operations, and ensuring the best interests of all parties involved.

Who We Serve

Our ideal clients include Courts and banks dealing with distressed assets. Equitable Asset Management is dedicated to providing expert solutions and strategic management in these challenging scenarios.

A Full Service Firm

We offer unparalleled support to an exclusive list of top receivers, who are professionals including lawyers, bankers, and accountants. By associating with Equitable, receivers gain access to extensive resources such as office staff, financial analysis, and document management services, empowering them to deliver exceptional results in their roles.

What We Offer

At Equitable, we pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive suite of receivership services. We handle diverse aspects of asset management, from taking control and preserving assets to operational oversight and financial management.

Our Services Include

Assets Control

Our court-appointed receivers assume control as directed by court orders.

Operational Oversight

We oversee the day-to-day operations of businesses to ensure smooth functionality.

Reporting to the Court

We provide regular and comprehensive reports to the court on asset status, financial activities, and relevant developments.

Management & Preservation

We expertly manage, maintain, and preserve assets, preventing their devaluation.

Financial Management

We handle financial affairs, including reports, bank accounts, and restructuring financial matters for optimal results.

Disposition or Sale

In some cases, we facilitate the sale of assets to resolve issues or satisfy creditors.


Get In Touch

For more information on how Equitable Asset Management can assist you, or to discuss your specific needs, please contact us. We look forward to being of service.

Equitable Asset Management, LLC

At Equitable, we specialize in providing professional and comprehensive receivership services designed to manage, preserve, and protect assets in challenging legal and financial situations.


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